We have over two decades’ experience in climate change markets.

Whatever your objective, let us help you create a robust climate programme that delivers positive, measurable outcomes – tailored to you.


Climate change is a global challenge, but in the fight against it – every organisation is different.

That’s why when it comes to taking ambitious action on climate change – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. And setting meaningful objectives while navigating national and international laws can be daunting.

ClimateCare has helped hundreds of organisations create bespoke climate and sustainable development programmes that address their unique aims.

Our award-winning programmes combine consultancy, strategy and delivery as well as ongoing measurement and communications support, to demonstrate positive impact.

With every programme we aim to deliver environmental and social benefit build on our trademark Climate+Care approach.


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  1. We help you identify your specific requirements.
  2. We review your existing data and work with you to set environmental, social and financial objectives.
  3. We use our expert knowledge to design a programme that meets your exact needs.
  4. We work with you to implement the programme which could mean investing in existing projects or in a small number of cases, developing new ones.
  5. We provide ongoing evaluation, feedback and measurement to ensure the programme is delivering its objectives.
  6. We support you to communicate the programme effectively to your internal and external stakeholders.


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