We know what it takes to create and deliver impact on the ground.

Our team of experts have over 20 years’ experience, delivering award-winning projects that both reduce emissions and improve lives.

Government and corporate clients trust us to devise effective projects that deliver positive climate, health, economic development, gender and conservation outcomes.

Our experienced team use robust project methodologies, coupled with regular reporting and independent verification of results.

This allows our clients to be proud of their impacts and confidently communicate the outcomes to stakeholders.

We also bring private and public sector together, helping both parties achieve more for their budgets.

Talk to our project development experts about your project requirements.



  • We confirm your requirements and objectives.
  • We review existing and pipeline projects, to identify any that are a good fit for your organisation and its desired impacts.
  • If no match is found, we plan and implement new projects, where there is budget and ambition to do so. This involves:
    1. Feasibility assessment and recommendation
    2. Project design
    3. Partner scoping and financial structuring
    4. Pilot projects and delivery
    5. Data monitoring and management
    6. Validation through third parties
  • We manage, measure and report outcomes from the project activities – including SDG reporting and carbon asset development.
  • Where required, we support our clients to engage stakeholders and effectively communicate the positive outcomes they deliver. Including managing project visits and the provision of photo, video and case study assets.

For projects that reduce an adequate volume of carbon emissions, we also carry out:

  • Project registration under an appropriate standard
  • Carbon reduction measurement
  • Annual verification of impacts and project performance
  • Retirement of credits – or sale of excess credits


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