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Top hospitality brands unite to address global water crisis

Innovative Sustainable Business Model Enables the Hospitality and Tourism Industry to Collectively Address One of Our World’s Most Pressing Issues

WHOLE WORLD Water, a new social enterprise set to launch on World Water Day, March 22, 2013, announced today its sustainable business model that partners with the hospitality and tourism industry to collectively address one of the world’s most pressing issues – access to safe and clean water.

Leveraging the incredible potential of the hospitality and tourism industry to spur global change, the model encourages spas, hotels, resorts and restaurants to filter, bottle and sell their own water, and contribute 10 percent of the proceeds to the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund; a fund benefiting clean and safe water programs around the world. An exclusive bottle created by world renowned product designer Yves Behar and fuseproject, will serve as the recognizable icon for the campaign, and ClimateCare, pioneers in climate and development projects, and results based financing, will manage the Fund.

“This type of integrated initiative  – that delivers positive business, environmental and development outcomes – is the essence of what ClimateCare is about and we are delighted to be involved with it” explains ClimateCare Director, Edward Hanrahan.


“Since 2008, Soneva Resorts, Residences and Spas have banned imported water in favor of bottling its own filtered water.  Revenues were contributed to clean drinking water initiatives whose work has meant water access for over 600,000 people previously denied,” said Sonu Shivdasani, founding member of WHOLE WORLD Water. “Our resorts have proved that this solution works. We are proud to have inspired this global campaign and been able to provide initial seed capital through The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust to launch this exciting initiative.”

“The United Nations has proclaimed 2013 the Year of International Water Cooperation to raise awareness of  the fact that nearly 1 billion people do not have access to safe and clean drinking water.  Working together with the hospitality and tourism industry, we can see this issue solved within our lifetime,” said Jenifer Willig co-founder of WHOLE WORLD Water.

Industry leaders Soneva, Six Senses, Virgin Limited Edition, Virgin Hotels, Banyan Tree, Auberge du Soleil, Tao Restaurant Group, The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte, The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Dusit Hotels and Resorts, JetWing Hotels, and The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu have joined the campaign.

“At Virgin, we believe business must be a force for good, using its influence and resources to help find solutions to some of the world’s major issues,” said Sir Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin Group and advisor to WHOLE WORLD Water. “This model reduces shipping pollution, financial and environmental costs, and it’s good for business.”

“The WHOLE WORLD Water model is designed to combat environmental, health, and economic issues, as it delivers radical change and drives a more robust bottom-line across the industry,” said Karena Albers, co-founder of WHOLE WORLD Water. “We estimate that with scale, the hospitality and tourism industry can contribute $1 billion per year or more to help eradicate this global issue.”

WHOLE WORLD Water is currently accepting new members to join its existing group of industry leaders.

Through this one simple change, the industry stands to benefit across its triple bottom-line: people, planet, and profits.

Industry members are invited to visit www.wholeworldwater.co to learn more about the initiative, and to become a member of WHOLE WORLD Water.

About the issue:

Today, 780 million people worldwide are without access to clean and safe drinking water, and an estimated 2.4 billion lack access to basic sanitation. WHOLE WORLD Water members seek to prove that social, environmental and economic progress are not mutually exclusive.

About WHOLE WORLD Water:

Developed to end the global water and sanitation crisis, WHOLE WORLD Water works to engage the hospitality and tourism industry to filter, bottle, and sell its own water, and contribute 10% of the proceeds to the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund.  Founded in 2012 by award winning documentary filmmaker Karena Albers, and Jenifer Willig, former CEO of the (RED) campaign, the core belief of WHOLE WORLD Water is that if it is not good for business, it is simply not sustainable. For more information, please visit www.wholeworldwater.co, and join the conversation on Twitter @WHOLEWORLDWater.

About The WHOLE WORLD Water Fund: 

The WHOLE WORLD Water Fund was established to radically increase resources to provide access to clean and safe water to communities around the world.  Designed specifically for clean and safe water investments, the Fund can be accessed by organizations, charities and social enterprises focused on clean and safe drinking water issues. By investing in projects with the potential to bring a return through carbon revenues and results based financing, the Fund enables revenues to be recycled back into the fund and deployed again. ClimateCare, pioneers in climate and development projects, and results based financing, are managing the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund.  Trustees of the Fund include Sonu Shivdasani, Sir Jonathon Porritt and Edward Hanrahan. Board Advisors include: Sir Richard Branson, David de Rothschild, Yves Behar, Graham Hill, Ben Elliot and Shekhar Kapur.

ClimateCare News Update

We have long advocated that an integrated approach to tackling Climate and Development challenges will benefit business, people and the environment. The main argument is simple – multiple outcome projects deliver better value for money, essential in the current economic climate.

Our Climate and Development approach continues to win support and we were particularly pleased that it was endorsed by Jonathan Porritt last week, who described it as a ‘no brainer’.

Carbon Reporting is on the horizon for many UK businesses and taking demonstrable action on CSR can be a vital licence to operate. We are welcoming many exciting new clients and partners, helping them integrate activities, focus on measurable results and make smarter use of their budgets.

Find out how we can help you take responsibility for your environmental impacts and make measurable improvements to the lives of millions of people across the world. Catch up with the team at one of the events listed in this newsletter, or call us on +44 (0)1865 591000.



Jonathan Porritt endorses ClimateCare’s approach

Forum for the Future has strengthened its longstanding relationship with us and last week, Jonathan Porritt endorsed our approach underlining that “sound, science-based offsets should be a vital part of our toolkit, and saying;

“We simply cannot achieve the scale and speed of carbon reductions required by curbing our own emissions alone. But by investing in best quality offsets, we can start to make the sweeping cuts needed – while at the same time helping improve people’s quality of life in the here and now. It honestly should be a ‘no brainer’! ClimateCare has a strong record of delivering such ‘positive offsets’, and I’m delighted to be working with them.”

ClimateCare is the provider of choice for Forum for the Future, which offsets its own carbon footprint through our innovative Climate and Development projects.

Find out more, or offset your emissions online at www.climatecare.org




Sustainable Business magazine and edie.net join forces with ClimateCareLeading online environmental publishers edie.net and Sustainable Business magazine have recently partnered with us to offset the carbon emissions associated with travel to key events.

Travel by those attending the 2012 Responsible Procurement and Supplier Engagement Conference, Corporate Water Risk 2012 Conference and the Sustainability Leaders Forum will be offset through the multiple award-winning Carbon for Water project.

“It is important for us to practise what we preach” explains head of events, Mark Baker. “ClimateCare are experts in this field, with fifteen years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest carbon offset programmes in the world. Working with them has helped us understand how we can ensure our own business is a sustainable as those we write about. Offsetting the travel of delegates and speakers attending our events is a positive step towards this.”

ClimateCare representatives will be available to discuss their unique Climate and Development approach at all three events.

Find out more, or offset your emissions online at www.climatecare.org


Jaguar Land Rover continues to support innovative projectsSince 2007 Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has invested in carbon reduction projects across the globe, as part of its sustainability approach.

Through their support of 50 carbon reduction projects, JLR have not only generated enough renewable electricity to power London for 21 days but, through careful selection of projects, they have also improved the health of more than 1 million people.

Working with ClimateCare, JLR has funded some of the most innovative carbon funded projects in the world. Watch the JLR 50th project video here

Find out more, or offset your emissions online at www.climatecare.org



Encouraging customers to offset emissionsDid you know that we can help you develop programmes for your customers or suppliers? lastminute.com explain how they work with ClimateCare to help their customers offset flight emissions.

Why did you decide to help your customers offset their flight emissions?
In November 2006, we became one of the first leading travel companies to make offsetting an integral part of buying a flight. We did this by displaying the CO2 emissions of individual flights and the cost to offset them, alongside the ticket price.

Over the last 5.5 years, we’ve invited our customers to offset their emissions and urged others in the industry to follow suit.

We took this step is because we recognised that we cannot escape our responsibility to take action to fight climate change.

As well as making customers aware of the issues, we at lastminute.com have taken steps to reduce our own energy consumption and we offset emissions from staff business trips and office energy use.

How do you engage your customers with offsetting?
Most people know that things they do every day can consume or waste large amounts of energy – like leaving lights switched on or leaving appliances on stand-by.

On our website we explain how just one passenger on a return flight from London to New York generates 1.5 tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent of boiling a kettle for two months or leaving on a flat-screen TV non-stop for three years, or running the car 24 hours a day for four weeks.  This is one way of helping consumers understand the impacts of travel on our environment.

Showcasing what our customer’s offsetting contributions have actually achieved and how their money has helped reduce CO2 emissions through a range of sustainable energy projects is our way of saying thank you and translating our customer’s contributions into something tangible.

If you’re thinking about working with customers or suppliers to offset their emissions, let us help.  www.climatecare.org



Project Development UpdateYou may know that our project development arm is situated in Nairobi, Kenya. Development in Africa has always been a focus for ClimateCare and this is increasingly the case. Nairobi is a business and development hub for Sub-Saharan Africa and is also home to the Headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme.

ClimateCare now has three projects approaching Registration with the Clean Development Mechanism in Kenya, which when built, will boost Kenya’s electricity generating capacity by 20%.

We are also working with a number of organisations to boost the delivery of household-level interventions – bringing energy access to those who are not on the electricity grid or clean water to those who do not have a safe supply.

But we don’t just work in Africa. We are involved in a wide range of projects across the world. 

As a result, we can offer carbon credits at highly competitive rates, for example from China Wind and Indian Hydro projects. At the other end of the scale, we can offer unique, multiple benefit Gold Standard projects. We can even help if you want the best of both worlds, with highest quality Gold Standard credits from the Aliağa wind project in Turkey available at market-beating prices.

To discuss your particular requirements, please call us today on +44 (0)1865 591000.


Project update: Carbon for WaterSafe drinking water
Direct to 4.5 million people.

A World First
The first project to link carbon credits with water provision, at scale.

Improved Health
Studies show a decrease in typhoid and diarrhoea.

Local Jobs
4,000 jobs created – distributing filters, training and monitoring use.

Contact us now on +44 (0)1865 591000 to buy credits from this project.



Project update: Aliağa WindPrice
Gold Standard VER credits at excellent rates.

Scale and Impact
One of the largest wind projects in Turkey.
Exploiting Turkey’s strong wind supply.
Helping to change the make-up of Turkey’s energy provision.

Improving lives
Supporting the local community by improving water supplies.

Contact us now on +44 (0)1865 591000 to buy credits from this project.


ClimateCare – Out and AboutWe will be speaking at, or supporting the following events over the next few months. We look forward to seeing you there.

Impact Investing Conference 04 October

Responsible Procurement and Supplier Engagement Conference 17 October

Co-operatives United  29 Oct – 4 Nov

Corporate Water Risk 30 October

Carbon Forum Asia 31 October

Carbon Expo Australia 7-9 November

Sustainability Leaders Forum 5 December

Finally, look out for the Carbon for Water film, screening at a series of UK film festivals this autumn including:

Wildscreen Festival14- 19 Oct, Bristol

Raindance Film Festival, 26 Sept to 7 Oct, London


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Award-winning ‘Carbon for Water’ film explains how carbon finance has helped provide safe water for millions

ClimateCare has added an excerpt from the award-winning ‘Carbon for Water’ film to  YouTube. The film explains the power of carbon finance to unlock the private investment needed to support innovative sustainable development projects such as the world-renowned ‘Carbon for Water’ programme.